Meet Chris

NAME: Chris

HOMETOWN: Westport, MA


TERRITORY YOU COVER: The Southwest (Southern California and Arizona)

HOBBIES: Long distance running (completed several full and half marathons), pick-up basketball games, tennis, surfing, hiking, following my favorite professional sports teams (big sports nerd!), and natural and sustainable living.

FAVORITE WORKOUT SONG: I don’t really listen to music when I work out.  Sometimes I’ll listen to public radio and news/sports podcast.  But when I jam out, currently it’s Aloe Black “I’m the Man,” and my all time favorite is Girl Talk – anything off the “Feed the Animals” album.  

FAVORITE LÄRABAR PRODUCT: Peanut Butter & Jelly and Lemon Bar

MOST MEMORABLE LÄRABAR EVENT: Life is Good Festival ‘12 in Canton, MA.  Lots of positive people and positive energy. Good vibes save lives. Also, our San Diego Street Team this summer is awesome and will be one of our most healthy, happy, and productive summers yet!  Look for our San Diego Street Team everywhere in San Diego now until September.

WHAT SIMPLICITY MEANS TO YOU: Simplicity to me is doing LESS in order to be MORE.  I’m embracing living in So. Cal versus my previous time in larger metropolitan east coast cities in order to commit MORE to my health and my positive effect on my community by doing LESS of the other noise.


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